Images And Testimonials From The 2018 InspiredLifeGR Conference.

" Before the conference, I felt stuck in my life. Nothing was changing...everyday seemed the same. I have had several surgeries on both my feet, most recently November 2017. Every step I take is painful. My quality of life was reduced to just a few activities and the need for subscribed pain killers was necessary to get through the day. But after Inspired Life GR... I have implemented mindfulness in my daily life. Now when my feet really hurt, I stop what I am doing and I take healing breaths and I visualize the pain coming out. It really works. I am also self aware of my emotions and behaviors and how I can better react to my partner and others. I now feel unstuck and the possibilities for a happier and fulfilled life is there just for me." - Catherine, 2018 InspiredLifeGR Conference Attendee

"This conference is such an informational, enjoyable and spirited occasion. Every topic is relevant. Interesting and knowledgeable presenters. Great week-end." - Terri, 2018 InspiredLifeGR Conference Attendee

"Just as the event is named, it was inspiring, engaging, motivating. I feel comfortable with presenters and exhibitors and the campus is beautiful to wander. Meeting other attendees was great." - Pam, 2018 InspiredLifeGR Attendee

"It was a wonderful and inspiring conference. I walked away feeling motivated to MOVE more, begin a daily gratitude practice and continue using mindful self-compassion in my everyday life. I also appreciate the connections I made with other people there and the welcoming and open environment. It was a wonderful event that I am grateful to have been a part of." - Rachael, 2018 InspiredLifeGR Sponsor

"The speakers leading us in participating events were great. I especially had some profound experiences during the meditations done by Holly Perkins but immensely enjoyed them all. I learned a lot of which I will use personally and professionally." - Linda, 2018 InspiredLifeGR Sponsor

"I was very impressed and grateful to the speakers, panelists and exhibitors who shared their incredible breadth of knowledge and wealth of experience at the Inspired Life conference. Anyone with a desire to explore our community's rich and expansive wellness resources and learn more about navigating their own health and wellness journey with compassionate, wise, experienced healers, this conference is for YOU." - Karen, 2018 InspiredLifeGR Panel Expert

"Events like this are so important for us to find our voices as practitioners and for our community to know more about what options they have available. Conversations were started, questions were raised, answers were offered and everyone was truly inspired." - Sandy, InspiredLifeGR 2018 Speaker